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三防机之魔机降世 | Ulefone Armor X3逆天来袭 全球首发


但水下相机+手套模式+大电池+全面屏三防手机Armor X3


Now rugged phone is not uncommon for mobile phone users,

but as a rugged phone that equips underwater camera, gloves mode, large battery and all screen,

what kind of special experience does Ulefone Armor X3 will bring for you?



水浸?尘土?偶然跌落?高温?低压?…… Armor X3通通都能抗住。四角防摔造型设计,精工制作的防水器件,为手机提供全方位的保护。无论日常工作还是外出探险,Ulefone Armor X3 应对复杂环境和挑战都游刃有余。

IP68/IP69K Protection Grade/MIL-STD-810G

Water? Dust? Accidental drop? High temperature? Low pressure?...... Armor X3 can handle all of these situations. The convex design on four corners and delicately crafted waterproof components will provide comprehensive protection for the phone. No matter daily work or outdoor exploration, Armor X3 will easily handle complex environment and different challenges.

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户外工具包 实用方便

指南针?手电筒?水平仪?高度仪?……你想要的全都有!不论你是身处丛林,亦或是深山里,Armor X3的实用小工具,都可以满足你各种户外探险所需,同时减轻负重,让你轻装上阵。

Practical & Convenient Outdoor Toolkit

Compass? Flashlight? Bubble Level? Height Meter? ...... All you need, you can find it in the Ulefone Armor X3. Whether you're in the jungle or the remote mountains, the toolkit can satisfy your different demands of outdoor adventure, and it will not add burden to your travel.



当你身处不同的环境,想快速启动你的水下相机、手电筒、录音机、SOS紧急呼叫、截屏或者其他手机上的软件吗?Armor X3的自定义键就能满足你所有这些要求!简单便捷!

Customized Button

Do you want to quickly activate the underwater camera, flashlight, voice recorder, SOS emergency call, screenshot or other downloaded apps on the phone? The customized button will meet all your demands, simple and convenient.



Armor X3专为水下运动爱好者设计了“水下”拍照模式,让你在水底畅游的时候捕捉迤逦的水下风景!不用再随身携带专用水下相机,带给你不一样的水下拍照体验。

Unique Underwater Photography

Armor X3 supports underwater photography function, which is specially designed for underwater sports enthusiasts, enables you to capture splendid scenery while wandering underwater. No need to carry professional underwater camera any more, bringing you different underwater shooting experience.


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你知道当戴着手套在恶劣天气或极端环境下工作时,需要脱下手套去接电话或者操作手机是多么烦人的一件事。Armor X3还具备创新“手套模式”,让你可以戴着手套毫无障碍地操作手机,告别繁琐。

Handy Gloves Mode

You know how annoying it is when you are wearing gloves and working under severe weather or extreme environment, your phone is ringing and you need to take off your gloves just to answer. The creative glove mode enables you to operate the phone without a hitch, say goodbye to troublesomeness.



Armor X3配置了5000毫安大容量电池(ATL电芯),能够满足用户对长续航、随时随充的需求,不用再担心电量告急!

Large Battery Keeps You Full of Energy

Armor X3 packs large 5000mAh battery with ATL cell, it can stand by your side for 440 hours and talks for 25 hours, no need to worry about low battery any more.



Armor X3 配备18:9高清的屏幕,出色的色彩还原能力,为您提供更加丰富多彩的视觉盛宴。1440*720高分辨率,文字清晰锐利,图像栩栩如生。

5.5-inch High Definition Full Screen

Equipped 5.5-inch all-screen display with 18:9 aspect ratio, excellent ability in reproducing original color, Armor X3 will offer you a more colorful visual feast. With 1440*720 high resolution, it will show you clear & sharp content and vivid images.微信图片_20190822093715


Armor X3搭载低耗四核CPU,最高主频达1.3GHz,为您带来平稳、节能、流畅的运行体验。多任务同时处理?吃鸡?王者荣耀?看电影?小菜一碟!另外采用2GB+32GB运行内存组合,适配128GB的内存扩展,可以容纳你想要的一切应用APP。

Power-Efficient Quad-core Processor

Armor X3 is packed with a power-efficient quad-core CPU with up to 1.3GHz frequency, bring you stable and smooth running performance. Multi-task? Playing PUBG or Arena of Valor? Watching a movie? It’s all a piece of cake. 2GB RAM & 32GB internal storage plus 128GB expandable storage can store everything you want.

微信图片_20190822093720后双摄 捕捉每一个精彩瞬间

配置800W高清主摄和200W副摄,Armor X3能够让你随时随地记录美妙瞬间,捕捉精彩的风景,畅享户外美好风光;后置双闪使Armor X3在昏暗光线下的拍照能力依然出色。500W前置摄像头让你自拍更美!

Capture Every Wonderful Moment

Equipped with 8MP main camera and 2MP sub-camera, Armor X3 helps to record splendid moments and beautiful scenery any time anywhere; and the phone also equips dual rear flash to light up your night photos. The front-facing 5MP camera reveals your beauty in every detail.



安全+快速 面部解锁

拥有先进的面部解锁技术,Armor X3让你在眨眼间解锁手机,解放双手。

Safe and Fast Face Unlock

Revolutionary face detection technology enables you to quickly access your personal phone in 0.2swithout any other move, free up your hands.


精准GPS定位 你的指路明灯

快速、准确的全球定位系统,超强的信号感应让导航即使在山洞或隧道也能正常使用,出行更便捷。Armor X3可以做到随时为您指引正确的方向,远离偏差导航的困扰!

GPS Guides Your Way Home

Fast and accurate global positioning system with strong signal enables it to work normally no matter in the tunnel or cave. Armor X3 will always guide you the right way, worry less, enjoy more.微信图片_20190822094139


Armor X3拥有智能功放系统,0.02%的超低失真度和独特的防破音技术带来高品质的音乐享受,随心所欲、感受音乐的魅力。

Enjoy Hi-Fi Music Anytime Anywhere

Armor X3 packs smart audio, the Hi-Fi chip with 0.02% ultra-low THD, brings you high quality music enjoyments. High quality and clear sound are always with you in the journey.




Full 3G Frequency Bands

Normally, as a 3G smartphone, only equips the frequency with Band 1, Band 5 and Band 8. But Ulefone Armor X3 selects to equip two more frequency with Band 2 and Band 4, the wider frequency for you to use in more places.


最新Android 9.0系统


Latest Android 9.0 Operation System

Runs the latest Android 9.0 Pie as OS with brand-new UI, the interface looks more beautiful than the previous version, brings you simple, smooth operation and new user experience.


整体上来看,Armor X3是一款有着绝佳防水、防尘、防摔性能的三防机,配置均衡,还有5000毫安大电池加持,具有超高性价比,非常适合户外运动爱好者和一些在严峻环境下工作的人员。更有黑色、红色、银色三色供您选择。

Armor X3 is a rugged phone with perfect water resistance, dust resistance and drop resistance, balanced configurations and large 5000mAh battery, it is quite affordable and suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and people who work in severe environment. What's more, there are three colors(black/red/silver) for your option.


目前,Ulefone Armor X3 正在全球同步开启发售,届时请登录官方指定页面购买,同时还有更多配件和折扣等着你!